Food Safety Programs

We develop tailored food safety programs that meet/exceed globally recognized certifying bodies and include all FSMA requirements.

Produce GAPs Harmonization Initiative
Primus GFS
Global Gap
Other GFSI benchmarked Schemes

Preparing for the Audit

We take the worry out of preparing for 3rd party Audits. Our experienced, professional, and reliable consultants are here to help you develop a culture of food safety.
PFSS can create customized Food Safety Management Systems for your Farm, Packinghouse, Processing Facility, and Receiving Facility.

Facility Pre-Assessment Audits
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
Paperwork and filing solutions
Mock Audits


Confused about FSMA Regulation?
Our Consultants are Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals and have been certified by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance and can help develop customized risk assessments and develop Preventive Controls needed to build a pro-active food safety plan.

Facility Pre-assessment audits
Risk Assessment/ Preventive Controls
GMP’s and other Prerequisite Programs
Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls Determination
Preventive Controls
Recall Plan

Education and Training

We offer personalized training at your location to reduce costs and train your managers and employees to globally recognized standards relevant to your facility.

Management Education Seminars
Employee Training Programs
Allergen Management

HACCP/ Risk Assessment/Document Review and Analysis/ One-on-One education and training with customized training materials.
We also offer periodic education and training workshops and events on a variety of topics. Training courses are hands-on and aim to demonstrate to participants why things are done instead of just how.

Microbial Sampling

Does your Audit scheme require the use of microbial data for validation and verification of your HACCP Plan?

Sampling Schedule
Risk Assessment

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Auditing & Supply Chain

Would your company like an audit of a supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in your contract? Or, does your company need an Internal audit of your current processes to find improvement opportunities?
First-party or Internal Audit

Processes in quality management
Policies and Procedures
Continuous Improvement
Process Improvement
Follow-up on corrective actions

Second- Party Audit
2nd Party Auditing & Supply Chain Verification- Auditing and educating against a company’s food safety plan to validate the strength of their supply chain.

Sanitation Standards
On-site processes review
Off-site document review

Sustainability Programs

Are you considering ways to drive growth, improve your reputation, and increase profits?

Reduce materials used in packaging
Ensuring humane working conditions in supplier’s factories
Manage Risk
Drive Growth
Reduce environmental impact
Returns on capital
Reputation Management

Food Defense Plans

Food defense is putting measures in place that reduce the chances of the food supply from becoming intentionally contaminated using a variety of chemicals, biological agents or other harmful substances by people who want to harm us.

Creation and Implementation of food defense plans
Threat assessment
Mitigation Strategies
Food Facility Registration


Social Accountability Programs- Ensure application of ethical practices in:

Hiring and treatment of employees
Production of goods and services

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